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How to Improve the Performance of Angular Applications?

Angular is a popular SPA Framework and I just love it. But if you are a beginner at this you will often hear about other frameworks available in the market (React, Vue), etc, and compare these frameworks. One of the parameters that often is used for comparison is the Performance of these frameworks. After having […]

Debugging Javascript using Console Object

Some of you might have already used  Console Object in javascript to log values of a variable for debugging purposes. var arr = [‘1′,’2′,’3′,’4′,’5’]; console.log(arr); There are some interesting methods in Console API other than log. The details of Console API can be found  here Note: The link above is for Console API supported by […]

Loose vs Strict Typed Languages and a Code Bug

If somebody has worked in in a strict type language like java he would definitely know that function in java have to return type. So lets say we need to define a function for sum of two numbers. We would say: public int add(int a,int b){ return a + b; } Here we are very sure […]

An Apple in a Developers Day

There is an increase in rage on internet around the articles on “Flash not working on IOS” Steve Jobs in 2010 has clearly indicated that ios devices are not going to support Flash and is going with open standards like HTML5 and css3 and javascript for multimedia content on Web. At the same times you can read a number […]

How to Jump to a section of a Page?

In long pages having large content divided into sections, it’s a good usability practice to provide links to different sections on the top of the page. See this beautiful Site. Here in this one page site News | About Me | Portfolio etc are links that jump you to a section on the page.   Also […]

How to Create Tabs and Make a Tab link shareable

Tabs are used to show data of same context. Below we will discuss how to create Tab’s using simple HTML CSS and Javascript and then we will discuss a behavior users demanded from these Tabs and how we applied “Fragement Identifier Pattern” a frontend design pattern to modify the functionality. You can skip the code if you are just interested in understanding the design […]

Megaflyouts speed and jQuery hoverIntent Plugin.

Our Intranet Project uses Megaflyout for displaying our site Navigation which was suggested as a better replacement of simple drop-down menus. The benefits of using megaflyouts are well described in jacob nielsen’s article  The article talks about speed considerations in megaflyout as: Don’t make response time too fast, though: the mouse should remain stationary […]

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