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Book Review: Programming HTML5 Applications by Zachary Kessin.

This is a small book that introduces you the world of HTML5. It gives you brief overview around what’s happening on the web these days in relation to change in some of the key specifications and all new concepts that are being introduced into the browsers to make them able to support robust Web Applications.

It has got the one of the best chapter I ever came across in any book on evolution of Web.Starting from static pages to today’s highly interactive Web pages.
It introduces us with How javascript and some of its libraries like jQuery and extJS are gaining fame and how the world of web development is changing.

I enjoyed going over the book the chapters on Testing javascript applications,Introduction to localstorage and How implementing Offline Storage can be useful in Web Applications when you dont have access to web are quite good.

It also introduces the concept of Web Workers as javascript’s process that can perform computations and pass messages back and forth with the main process and other workers and help writing complex web applications.

I would recommend this book for anybody who is willing to get an introduction to HTML 5 and how the new Web will be in the coming years. However it should not be taken as a HTML 5 reference book as it does not covers many of the other important things that are being introduced as a part of HTML 5 like canvas, video, Geo-Location etc. And the example given and small and not very detailed.

Book Review: Programming HTML5 Applications by Zachary Kessin.

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