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Frontend Performance Optimization Part 4 – Fonts

Good Typography is a fundamental requirement of any web design. Choosing the right Web font for your website improves Readability, Accessibility, and Trust in your brand.  In Order to Provide a Great Visual Experience Website uses something called “Web Fonts” these fonts are the fonts that will not be available on User’s Computer and would […]

Bootstrap the Frontend Framework for Non Designers.

So you are a Web Developer having an exciting idea flourishing in your mind. And you rush to your machine and start writing that awesome code that was never written before. And now you are ready to show it to your friends with all excitement. Your friends think the idea is fine but it doesn’t looks good and then you get a […]

Megaflyouts speed and jQuery hoverIntent Plugin.

Our Intranet Project uses Megaflyout for displaying our site Navigation which was suggested as a better replacement of simple drop-down menus. The benefits of using megaflyouts are well described in jacob nielsen’s article  The article talks about speed considerations in megaflyout as: Don’t make response time too fast, though: the mouse should remain stationary […]

Where is My Home? A Usability Discussion.

This year we released our much-awaited Intranet Project. We had engaged the best Usability Consultants to provide us with designs and believe me they had done a pretty good job. But one of the usability feedback that we received was the “Where is My Home?” link. People tend to use the “Home” link as their […]

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