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How to Write Semantic HTML for Better SEO and Accessibility?

In HTML especially after HTML5, there were several New Tags introduced which provided better meaning (Semantics) to your Content. Tags like Article, Aside, Header, Footer, Section would tell what kind of content is expected there. So writing Semantic HTML is all about using the write and meaningful tags for your content. We also have in […]

Bootstrap the Frontend Framework for Non Designers.

So you are a Web Developer having an exciting idea flourishing in your mind. And you rush to your machine and start writing that awesome code that was never written before. And now you are ready to show it to your friends with all excitement. Your friends think the idea is fine but it doesn’t looks good and then you get a […]

An Apple in a Developers Day

There is an increase in rage on internet around the articles on “Flash not working on IOS” Steve Jobs in 2010 has clearly indicated that ios devices are not going to support Flash and is going with open standards like HTML5 and css3 and javascript for multimedia content on Web. At the same times you can read a number […]

Happy Republic Day : First Dabbling with CSS3

I recently read a post from Lea Verou on css3 Gradients and discovered that she has also created this wonderful tool which is a gift for lot of frontend developers like us. On this Indian Republic day i created my first dabblet with css3 and here is link to that Wishing you all a Happy Republic […]

How to Jump to a section of a Page?

In long pages having large content divided into sections, it’s a good usability practice to provide links to different sections on the top of the page. See this beautiful Site. Here in this one page site News | About Me | Portfolio etc are links that jump you to a section on the page.   Also […]

How to Create Tabs and Make a Tab link shareable

Tabs are used to show data of same context. Below we will discuss how to create Tab’s using simple HTML CSS and Javascript and then we will discuss a behavior users demanded from these Tabs and how we applied “Fragement Identifier Pattern” a frontend design pattern to modify the functionality. You can skip the code if you are just interested in understanding the design […]

My Top 10 Web Development Widgets/Control

1. TinyMCE We wanted our users to contribute web content and found tinyMCE as tool of our need. .TinyMCE is a javascript tool which provides an easy to integrate WYSIWYG editor. It can be integrate into content management systems for providing users ability to contribute web content. A simple example of tinyMCE integration is 1. […]

My 13 Web Development Tools

1. Firebug Detailed info of what is Firebug can already be found at but some of the features i enjoy the most are: Javascript debugging: Javascript debugging has never been so easy as its with firebug you can add breakpoints. Do line-by-line debugging of code. Javascript Logging: Firebug provides a console object. So whenever […]

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