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Essential Tools for Website Accessibility

There are a number of Web Accessibility tools that can be used here is a checklist of these tools Accessibility validation tools: These tools automatically check web pages against various accessibility guidelines and standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the Section 508 guidelines. Some examples include the WAVE tool, the aXe […]

Debugging Javascript using Console Object

Some of you might have already used  Console Object in javascript to log values of a variable for debugging purposes. var arr = [‘1′,’2′,’3′,’4′,’5’]; console.log(arr); There are some interesting methods in Console API other than log. The details of Console API can be found  here Note: The link above is for Console API supported by […]

Bootstrap the Frontend Framework for Non Designers.

So you are a Web Developer having an exciting idea flourishing in your mind. And you rush to your machine and start writing that awesome code that was never written before. And now you are ready to show it to your friends with all excitement. Your friends think the idea is fine but it doesn’t looks good and then you get a […]

Creating Apps by extending LinkedIn API.

Last few days I have worked with two small applications that extend power of LinkedIn platform using LinkedIn API.LinkedIn has opened its platform through its REST API and Javascript API. The platform allows you toGet Profiles DetailsGet Jobs.Get Details of Companies.Get Groups.Get Connections.Do a People Search.Idea of the First Application was to find the Job […]

Finding your user’s location through HTML5 Geolocation.

Geolocation is an HTML5 interface that helps in identifying which part of the world you are located in and sharing this information with people on your wish. The location is identified based on a number of ways like IP Address, WI-FI networks, Cellular Towers, or Specific GPS hardware in your Device. Though sharing your location to […]

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