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Notes From Multi-Speaker Session on Joomla Selenium Mobile Apps and Online Marketing at Delhi IT Meetup

This Saturday on the 16th of June 2012 I gave an Introductory Session on Joomla 1.5 in the Delhi IT Meetup group at YMCA Delhi, It was a Multi-Speaker Meetup. There were 3 more topics other than mine and here are my notes from the other three Sessions.

Mobile Apps: First Presentation was on Mobile Apps and was given by  @sumitjolly . Here are my notes on that.

  1.  Mobile Apps are of Three Types Native Apps, Web Apps, and Hybrid Apps.
  2. Native Apps are custom to a particular Device and are less portable but have the best ability to interact with the Device Hardware.
  3. Web Apps run in Browsers, These are a cut-down or responsive version of your Website.
  4. Hybrid Apps are like native apps residing on your System with a special icon but utilize some of the Web technologies like JavaScript html5, and css3 that have created a wrapper over the native language of Mobile and are able to make some of the native calls.
  5. PhoneGap is a widely used API that gives you a set of javascript Objects and methods to interact with device. There are libraries like Sencha Touch, JQuery Mobile, etc which form the presentation layer in the Hybrid Mobile App.
  6. Sumit Demonstrated a Guess Who Application Developed with the help of Microsoft.Phone. controls and have also created Unit Test Cases for his functions using nunit.
  7. A unit test must first fail then you should run it to see if it passes.

Online Marketing: This was the third presentation by  @Gireesh_Sharma  Here are my notes.

  1. The first and foremost things to market and sell your website is – To define your offering you should be very clear about what you want to sell, until you haven’t defined it your all other efforts on SEO or Site Optimization are vague.
  2. Develop sensible Content? If you have poured your heart into writing your content people will also definitively love to read it.
  3. Spread the word about your content emails, blogs, Campaigns, SEO, and Social Media.
  4. Research the keywords, Modify your content based on Keywords, Define your keywords in the Meta tags, and Keep a Keyword Density of 5-6 keywords per page.
What is Selenium: This was the fourth and last presentation of the day by @ThinkFutureTech. Here are my notes.
  1. Selenium automates Browsers and is mostly used for functional Testing of Web Applications.
  2. Support Multiple Browsers Platforms and Languages.
  3. Can be deployed on Mac Windows and Linux.
  4. Selenium comes in three Variants Selenium 2.0 (selenium web driver) Selenium 1 (Remote Control) and Selenium IDE.
  5. QTP is a competitive product to selenium but is a paid software.
  6. Selenium IDE just records steps on Firefox, it does not have programming Constructs and is sequential in Execution.
  7. Selenium Remote Control or Selenium RC was an improved version in which you could write programs in different languages and injects javascript into the browser to automate the functionality of a Web Page.
  8. It had some limitations, One is javascript that is injected into a web page can have limitations like it could not execute due to the same origin policy, or javascript is disabled into the browser.
  9. selenium web driver or selenium 2.0 works on this limitation by directly working with the browser using native support for the browser.
  10. SauceLabs is a company owned by the creator of Selenium which provides selenium automation in the Cloud. The benefit of this is that you do not need to set up different machines with different OS and Browsers to test the functionality of your Web App.
  11. Think Future Technologies is working out some of the issues that are present with Selenium Web Driver, One of the main issues is that Testing Resources do need to learn programming Languages in order to write a Functional Test. TFT is creating a layer over Selenium Web Driver where they allow Test Engineers to write Test Cases in Excel Files with a well-formed set of instructions that can create Functional Tests.
Notes From Multi-Speaker Session on Joomla Selenium Mobile Apps and Online Marketing at Delhi IT Meetup

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